Necrobarista – Stress, Icarus, and Time

Your eyes open to a dark, narrow alley, with rain laying a blanket under your feet. Confused, you take a few steps forward and you start to hear a faint humming. As you keep moving forward, the humming grows and warm colors in the distance catch your eye. You make your way to it and … Continue reading Necrobarista – Stress, Icarus, and Time

Kupo Remarks: “Starstruck: Prologue”

It's been quite a while, eh kupo? I've been busy with life and all that since last I wrote, but now I decided to make the time to write about my opinions on various forms of media in this new segment I like to call "Kupo Remarks!". And to debut this new segment, I want … Continue reading Kupo Remarks: “Starstruck: Prologue”