“Kupo Writes!” is a blog about mostly visual novels, but also anime, games, and personal writings of writer and creator: Mog Knight. In fact, here he is now to introduce himself.

Hello! Thank you for visiting this my site! A little bit about me, I hold a BA in music education, played saxophone for 14 years (and constantly learning and improving on more instruments), am deaf in one ear since birth, have anxiety problems and tend to overthink, a Filipino-American living in SoCal, and I love to write.

As like many others, at a young age I started to develop a love for Japanese animation, media, and culture. I grew up with Toonami and other programming shows that aired Tenchi Muyo, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, IGPX, among many others. I remember my first two series I actively sought out through the internet was Full Metal Alchemist and Love Hina. Also through my time with the internet as my young self, I discovered this game/anime thing that was neither much like a traditional game and was built up of still images and a whole lot of text. Intrigued by this concept, I went ahead and read through my first visual novel “Yume Miru Kusuri: A Drug That Makes You Dream”. At the time, it blew my mind. I have never seen something like this before, and the story and characters were so strong that one of the endings almost made me cry out of happiness for two of these characters. I began seeking out other visual novels, with some of my favorites being “Kira Kira” and “Quartette”.

When “Katawa Shoujo” came out, I became very interested in the realm of OELVNs, or Original English-language Visual Novels, and that whole indie scene. As much as I like translated and localized works, having stories written in their original language of intent, to me, has the potential to be more effective and engrossing. With tools like Ren’py, Novelty, and TyranoBuilder, more of these “indie” and commercial VNs have become easily accessible to make and to get out to people. Some are very great works, while others not so much.

I started “Kupo Writes” just so that I can at least start writing more. Now, I’m working towards making it more about visual novels and my experiences with them. This comes in the form of reviews, essays, and maybe even discussion-type posts. I’ll still write about others things in media like anime and maybe even my short stories or personal opinion/experiences, but those will always be separate from my VN posts.

Again, thanks for visiting. Enjoy your time here, kupo~!

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